Electric Cooling Fan Guards

Spiral Wire Formed Fan Ventilation GrilleSteel Wire Ring Guards with Chrome Plating

Wire mesh guards specially designed for various electric fan models and sizes. Wire diameter applied ranges from 0.5mm to 5mm. Circle distance ranges from 0.3cm to 5cm. Fan guards are made of low-carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire through cutting , bending , welding and surface treatment. The finishes include hot dipped zinc plating /galvanizing and powder coating. Coated steel wire guards have good anti-corrosion property and weather resisting property. Will not rust in outdoor condition and the fan guard surface can be easily cleaned.

Various standard metal guards styles and specifications are available, OEM acceptable to meet specific requirements.

Application: Metal wire fan guards are used to keep electronics and appliances from overheating, and to keep the cooling fan in excellent condition. As fan guard or finger guard covering grilles for hood of blower, air condition, electric engines. The guard grille is also ideal to provide protection for cooling fans from damage due to foreign objects.

Fan Finger Guards common dimensions are from 80mm to 280mm. Finish: black electrodeposited, nickel chrome plated, zinc plated.
Features: High strength, corrosion resistant finish, sturdy wire welded construction, and high durability.

Outline and shapes:
Flat grille, disc, straight wire guards, tapered wire guards, domed fan guards and special designs.

Popular Products Models:

9" /280 mm Fan Guard Grille
Radial wire grill
Wire thickness: 1.1mm
Finish: Paint white/black powder
Diameter: 280mm

12" /340mm Finger Guard
Galvanized steel grill
1.1mm wire thickness
Paint white/black powder coated carbons steel wire
Diameter 340mm

16" /400 mm Fan Grill
Chrome plated steel grid covering grill
1.1mm thickness wire rings
Black chrome powder coating
Fan Guard Grille Diameter 400mm

18" /460mm Fan Guard Grids
White powder coated/ pvc coated steel
1.1mm wire thickness for rings
Paint white/black powder
Diameter 460mm

Fan Guards for 26” High Power Stand Fan
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Wattage: 210W
Motor Size: 108*20mm
Motor Speed: 1:950RPM, 2:1100RPM, 3:1250RPM
Fan Speed Setting:   3 Speeds
Power Cord: 3*0.75mm²*1.8m
Body Material:         Metal
Blade Material: Aluminum/Plastic
No. of Blades:  3
Fan Height: 1.6 M
Base Type: Round/Cross
Oscillation Degrees:         88°


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