Welded Wire Decking

Welded wire decking provides greater structural strength and easy visibility.

Wire decking is a great add-on for your pallet rack. It is economical for new installations and for upgrading your current rack system. Decking provides greater structural strength than other materials though and durable wire construction with underlying metal supports. It offers easy visibility for rack content inspections, and it meets fire safety codes. Decking eliminates dust and debris build-up and improve air circulation. It meets ANSI MH-26.2 standards. When compared to planks, boards or other potential rack decking solutions, wire decking outperforms them all for safety, ease of use, aesthetics, and capacity.

Wire Decking Construction & Specifications:
Wire decking is constructed from heavy-duty 4-Gauge wire. The spacing between wires is various. Finish: Speckle Gray is standard, with most colors available by special order. Also available are galvanized, zinc coating, and other custom finishes to suit various applications.

Wire decking gives you the opportunity to store un-palletized boxes on a beam level. With open wire mesh construction, water from fire sprinklers can freely flow to lower levels.



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