Wire Guards for Lights

Experienced in manufacturing wire products, wireguard.org has and export various wire light guards to protect the equipment from damage, theft and abuse.

We manufacture a range of mesh light guards to protect, secure and cover many types of internal or external lighting from damage. They do not prevent the operation of PIR motion detectors and are extremely effective as an anti-vandalism security protection guard.

We offer protective guards by application, color, shape or material needs, usually large type Exit Sign/ Emergency Light Guards/ Horn/Strobe Light Guards, processed from heavy duty steel wire rods, to protect exit signs and emergency lights.

Wire Materials for Light Guards: Powder coated for indoor lights and galvanized coating for outdoor lights.

Wire mesh guards sizes: Various to fit your needs.
We also offer heavy-duty fluorescent light guards to protect them from damage or abuse.

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Expanded Metal Guards for Clocks

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Grid Mesh Window Guards

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Wire Mesh Machine Guards

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